Welcome to ‘Breakfast with Sussi’…

Hi there.  Welcome to my blog.  I’ve been writing as long as I can remember and have a stack of journals almost as tall as my 5’3″, but I’m just starting here, so please be patient.

My parents were educators who loved history and the arts and gave us every opportunity they could in Birmingham Alabama on teachers’ salaries in the 60’s.  The Civil Rights era was another teacher- a source of great sadness as well as pride. My education in special ed, art, voice, anthropology and finally social work was the foundation for my work with children and families.

Throughout my career, I was an advocate for those who needed my voice, implementing legislation and program for children with special needs.  Some of my artistic needs were fulfilled as a vocalist with Schola Cantorum of the Diocese of East Carolina, singing anglican acapella music on the east coast and in the UK for 16 years.  On a different continuum, Gelede Spectacles! a collaborative NC Arts Council grant between Cameron Museum, Airlie Gardens and local artists in Wilmington NC, kept me busy as a dancer and volunteer coordinator for the study of story, art and music of the east coast of Africa where the Gelede Spectacles!, an integral part of the culture, honored the wise women of the tribes who,  turning nightly into birds, flew away into the forest where they discussed and debated village issues, the discordance between families, friends, husband and wife, and returned at dawn with the answers….

I’ve been in the forest as a seeker and a leader. Some would say that I’m kind and wise. Others…not so much.   I owe much of who I am to my family of origin.  Irish. Scotch. Cherokee and French Canadian. That’s just my mother’s blonde haired blue eyed side. I have Dad’s hazel eyes, but none of us got his curly black hair and olive skin. After he died our suspicions and, oddly, our hopes, were confirmed that he was of European Jewish heritage.

The family I married into loved me, mentored me in spiritual and practical ways and shaped much of who I am today.  The family I found when I moved to North Carolina accepted me as I was and introduced me to Carl Jung and the mystics, joining C S Lewis, Thomas Merton and a host of others exploring life in all of its dimensions, while perched on my bedside table.

I was married to my high school sweetheart for 27 tumultous years.  We have an amazing daughter, son in law, granddaughter and grandson who cherish us in spite of ourselves, and accept our partners as the next step on the journey

Life is a joy, a pain, a beauty, a mystery, a challenge and a responsibility.  Horrific and amazing, isn’t it?

Yoga, writing, music, art, sharing meals, recipes and cooking has been a large part of my life. My outer world grew smaller as I came to deal with health issues, yet my inner world grows larger….

I can only share my experiences, wisdom and questions.  The rest is up to you.

Join me on this journey…




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